It is rare to land here by accident, so I ask you reader, what have you come to discover? If you’re curious about the origin story of this individual, I was pushed onto earth and eventually the stage in Austin, Texas. I once pursued acting and visual arts as careers before I concluded the cul de sac of circus offered me a platform worth considering. I trained with a singular diligence I have not known since and attended the National Circus School in Montreal until 2019. I’ve had a few professional experiences that have taken me many places (I’ll leave that to my CV to expound on) and a great many more personal ones. I’ve done a pile of projects that wouldn’t get a note on those meager two pages, but that excite and arouse my high standards for fun and experimentation. I am an avid forager for all things collaborative and beautiful, while usually finding myself to be the most comfortable company. I ask you, reader, what do you think art is? Is it practice? Is it a continuous curiosity? Is it a commodity? Is it the grocery list on your fridge? Do you, potential employer or curious navigator, favor rigorous productivity or a rigorous sense of ecstasy? I hope this isn't interpreted as pretentious, I am, as always, trying to find some cracker of truth in this bodega of life. Dip that in some humor and you might have my working ethos. Since we are bordering on a manifesto (you can find that hidden somewhere else on this site), I will let you peruse. Indulge in sweetness! Love, MSW