I wear clogs almost daily. I am currently studying the Classics. I have an interest in the ancient and in the divine. I either read at the rate of a book per week or not at all. I am developing an online museum dedicated to inclusivity and innovation funded by Canada Council. I have flowers in my windowsill, they are often daisies. My rope is a beating heart. My ropes name is Chiclet Velveeta the 3rd. I sometimes wake up with a ferocious and wild interest in the day, then lay down for half of it. I love the subversive. I love the innocent. I know when to be professional and I know when to be myself. Here is an attempt to show you myself first. 


USA citizen
Canadian work permit
Currently based: New York City

Hair . Blonde
Eyes . Blue
Height . 5'4"
Weight . None of your business ;)

Circus Skills
Rope, pole, hoop diving, acrobatics, tissu, dance. Teach me anything and I'll likely pick it up quick.

Non Circus Skills
Curator, copy writer, confidante, customer service, (alliteration?), organization consultant